Wishfall Thinking

Although the Philippines is best known to be a forever tropical country, sometimes it decides to shift its course and be a tad bit playful with the atmosphere. As much as i’d like to experience the four seasons from other countries, (Imagine people here in layers of coats, boots, faux faur and whatnot) I don’t like to drown with layers of clothes. Although, the country is clear skies in the morning and suddenly Mr. Sun decides to rest and let Mr. Rain take over the whole afternoon and literally rain in our parade. I have the best ensemble to beat the changing weather my friends!  Here’s my take to an ‘Imbalanced Weather’ here in the Ph! When the day gets colder, just slip on the parka you’ve been keeping and if it decides to get warm again, slip them out and just let the good ol sleeveless rompers save the day! Hope everyone in Luzon is safe and dry. Have a great weekend guys!






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