Twenty-One and So not over it

“ Another year of whirlwind of serendipities, selfies and in between shenanigans ”

I’ll set aside my Vietnam Travelogue and be a little bit personal on today’s blog post! Looking back for the past 20 years of my life I can humbly say that i’ve handled myself quite well on high-school dramas, school related problems, family issues,  handling my flaws and some heart-breaks in between. I mean, i’m no expert in those common problems every person goes through but as I go along with my life, I learned that at some point in my life, that high school drama I went through was a blessing in disguise. Those nasty gossiping and cat fights I had are the tools or filter on knowing who are the people I will keep and let go. And you bet, the ones filtered well are still my friends up until now. Though we don’t see each other as often, I know we got each others back in times of gloomy days. Now who wouldn’t have any school related problems? I know Jimmy Neutron & Dexter don’t have one. But as an average teenager, I have experienced cramming my way to understand Geometry & Physics in one night! With my course, I learned that Time Management is everything. With that, you can balance almost anything. From school, blogging and etc. All you need is to focus, focus & FOCUS! I know that can be hard but find inspirations from people you look up to and use that as a motivation for you to work hard and procrastinate less. You got school dear! It doesn’t get you. Remember that! Sometimes, just like the frequent visit of typhoons in our country it’s inevitable to experience Family Problems. This is probably the hardest part of growing up – experiencing and witnessing family problems. It easily affects yourself and the list goes on and on. I’ve been very lucky to not witness my parentals fight over the years, only once though, and it was a petty fight to be honest! So for you who is experiencing this problem just remember to keep your head high and have a brave soul. You should not lose your balance and be there for your family. You gotta be strong for them! After all, that’s what makes your relationship as a family go stronger 🙂 

As a typical teenager, I had my fair share of mental breakdown because of my flaws. I was never the popular one, the good-looking one and definitely not the smartest of the bunch. I was the plain jane. And with that, I think that I have to be this kind of person to be liked by many. As the years go by,  my wisdom tooth grew and with that said I gained quite a good wisdom. I learned that you don’t have to be this or that to be liked by many, you yourself as a genuine person is enough. Trust me, the right people will eventually follow. You don’t have to be liked by many, only true cliques are enough. Those flaws? Damn girl! Embrace them, you won’t know, those large forehead, freckles and all other imperfections…Tyra Banks might notice them on Instagram leading you all the way to the top! Hahaha seriously, a flaw can only be called a flaw if you don’t embrace it. So smile, it’s the best accessory right? 🙂

Here we go with the most frequent asked question I get from! Now, I’ve been trying to be all private about this but what the heck! I’ll splurge some details to lessen the anonymous people flood my inbox. *P.S. Tadhana by Up Dharma Down is playing in my spotify right now… and it’s on shuffle mode.* Anywho, heart breaks are inevitable and YES I have had my heart broken two, three times already. NO! Two times already. The first one was just a stupid love affair, it doesn’t count. Now, the thing with having your heart broken is not the happiest phase a person goes in his/her life. It can take you up to months or years to move forward. It’s really not that easy to move on. But there are baby steps on how to move forward! First, bond with your friends everyday until your heart stops bleeding! Second, do something that you are always scared of doing. In my case, I jumped off a cliff! It was the most exhilarating feeling ever! And never felt so proud of myself. Trust me on this! Third, binge watch movies when you have nothing to do girl! It won’t kill, plus pair it with your favorite ice cream flavor. You will somehow forget him/her, just avoid heart-breaking movies though. And lastly, Acceptance!

Accept that fact his/her name won’t magically pop on your phone screen. Accept that there will be no ‘Good Morning & Night Messages’. Accept the fact you were just not really meant for each other. Accept that he/she will find another one and it will burn like hell when you see them both on facebook, instagram or worst – in flesh. Accept that if you bumped into each other there will no more be ‘Hi’s’ & ‘Hello’s’. Accept that you won’t receive those 3AM calls. Accept the fact that those 10 PM window peeping while he’s on the car doing silly things just to make you laugh won’t ever happen again. Accept that there will be no reciprocating of selfies in viber. Accept the fact that it’s now all gone and just move forward.  Remember that Time heals all wounds.

And maybe one day when you see him/her, there will be no pain in your chest. Just a pure memory with that person. Also, don’t be bitter! I know a lot of people who gets really obnoxious about their exes. I mean it’s not a healthy way of moving on, well sometimes it can be funny to “Hugot” those moments but avoid it as much as possible. After all, looking back, you’ve had a great time together. Just don’t erase the good memories, even though it stings a little. Just be happy being single and just enjoy your life. Take it easy 🙂

I know I still have a long way to go and Twenty-one is just a tiny number compared to the experience that our Grannies and pops have gone through. But all through those 2 decades and a year of living in this crazy world of ours, I learned that high school drama is so overrated, you can work through school problems with just right balance, flaws are fierce and you have to accept it in order for the word itself be void and heart breaks are inevitable so hoard a lot of tissues! It’s just the beginning of everything. Life will shake you more, all you gotta do is keep your head up high and trust the big guy up there and his plans for you!

Happy 21st Womb Emancipation to me!!!

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