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    Things to do: When in Cebu

    Hailed as the “queen city of the south”, Cebu is a mix of both historical and modern city in Visayas.  It is one of the most highly-developed provinces in the Philippines,…

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    Good bye Ilocos

    August has always been the busiest month here in Davao ever since I could remember, even before I was still in college. With Kadayawan Festival and events popping here and there…

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    South Hits

      A blessing in disguise took its form in a way of school activities (for my friends) and cancelled class schedule (for me). So, we decided to visit the unfamiliar and…

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    Paradise of the North

      “Like time suspended, a wound unmended — you and I. We had no ending, no said good-bye. For all my life, i’ll wonder why.”…

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    More of Ilocos Norte

    Right after exploring Sarrat we traveled all the way to Paoay for about more or less 30 mins. Sarrat to Paoay is approximately 20.7 km away. So, everybody brain stormed on…

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    Ilocos Norte Pt. 1

    After weeks of Hiatus I finally found a way to kick my lazy ass to blog about my Ilocos Trip! Up from Laoag, Paoay, Vigan and Pagudpud i’ll take you to…