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A Day in Macau

Macau China Travel Diary of Caramielrush by Miel Laquindanum

A trip in Hong Kong wouldn’t be complete if you don’t take a side trip in Macau. During our  Hong Kong trip, me and my friends decided to insert Macau in our Itinerary and give the Las Vegas of Asia a shot! Macau is known as the Casino Island in south coast of China where a number of tourists have fun and gamble all day long. Albeit the said city is known for wasting money, we sure did survive with a few Hong Kong dollars in our pockets and a pocket full of memories. Continue Reading


Postcards from Hong Kong

Hong Kong Travel Guide by Caramielrush of Miel Laquindanum

Around this month the past year, I found myself booking a flight to one of Asia’s busiest city that is Hong Kong. Hong Kong is exactly what I pictured it to be – flashy city lights, tasty street foods, photogenic streets and a city that always hustles. Continue Reading