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Travel Vlog: Ho Chi Minh City

Although I was really busy with roaming around Saigon I may have recorded a few clips along the way and saved a few snapchat videos while i’m at it. I struggled a bit with Vlogging this time around and I don’t know why. I’ve been doing this for quite some time. Oh, maybe because the last time I actually vlogged was last December 2014. I need my rusty vlogging skills get cleaned up for future travels. Anyways, enjoy my 3 minute Vlog all the way from sunny Ho Chi Minh City! Keep traveling and inspired guys 🙂

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Saigon Ready

After a 10 hour slumber from all the tiresome walking and sight seeing around Saigon, I finally had all the energy to again explore the land of the rising dragon. On that day, I felt a wee bit inspired so I opted for a breezy bohemian top, my trusty good ol ripped shorts, gladiators for some action, a patterned sling bag and a wide straw hat to finish the look. And you bet I was ready to conquer the crazy streets of Ho Chi Minh City.

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Exploring Ho Chi Minh City

“Let’s take our Wanderlust to the next level shall we?” That was the exact words the parentals uttered while planning a short vacation. The ideal plan for this vacation was suppose to fall on the holidays here in Davao, a.k.a. Kadayawan Festival but we couldn’t resist being in the city’s festivities, as a result, we moved it. On August 26, we hopped on a plane from Davao to Manila then waited 6 to 7 hours for our flight to Ho Chi Minh City. Because I was with the “Oldies” they didn’t bothered roaming in Manila that time fearing we’ll get stuck in a traffic and miss our flight. Good thing Star Wars, How I met your Mother and a couple of netflix saved me from the long wait. After two and a half hour flight we then landed in the Land of the Rising Dragon that is Ho Chi Minh City! P.S. I’ve been a very lazy blogger on documenting what happend in Vietnam nevertheless enjoy the few photos I have taken. P.S. Hefty photos under the cut 🙂

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