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    A Day in Atlantic City

    Left busy New York and headed to sunny Atlantic City for a day and  played a little bit in the casino (p.s. noob here)  and tried a lot of foods there…

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    Postcards from New York City

    What better way to end your day in New York City? Roam everywhere from 5th Street to the 46th Street (of course by riding the bus. duh). I know it’s crazy…

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    New York City: Central Park

    Leaning towards summer is probably not the best time to visit Central Park, for me at least. Since the weather during this time can be unpredictable – atmosphere wise. It’s kinda…

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    New York : Metropolitan Museum of Art

    One of the things I insert in my itinerary every time I visit a foreign city are Museums. When I visited New York City last May, I know I have to visit The Metropolitan Museum…

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    New York City: Times Square

    Let my USA travel posts commence! Our first stop is the Big Apple specifically in the busiest part of New York – Times Square. Everytime I pass by or stop at this…