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Primo Café and Grill Experience

There are hundreds of home grown restaurants i’m dying to dine in Davao and luckily I get to try Primo! I’ve been eyeing this hidden gem when I pass by the corners of Legaspi & Gen. Luna street during my internship days *reminiscing* and said to myself, “I should try that cool place some time” But, school and obligations won’t permit! Thankfully, Primo invited bloggers from different niche to have first dibs on their added food in their menu! How lucky can we all get?

First things first, here’s a brief history and thingamajigs about Primo. PRIMO Café and Grille was borne from the idea of a group of friends who wanted to have their own place to share their love for eating and having fun.The word “PRIMO” is derived from the Spanish word ‘cousin’ or ‘a close, familiar relative’. PRIMO (or ‘prime’ in English) also stands for “first in excellence, quality or value”, “a state or time of greatest strength, vigor or success in a person’s life”. PRIMO officially opened its doors on the 75th Anniversary of Davao’s Charter Day on March 16, 2012. The celebration of the marking of the cityhood of a great city was an opportunity that PRIMO would not miss to open its doors to Davao’s discerning diners.

For starters they served us (photo above) Cheese stick Flautas (150 Php)  which has this very cheesy and crisp texture when eaten. Cheese sticks are my favorite and surely their cheese stick is definitely to try for!


Next up are these heavenly carbs you won’t regret eating! If you are a seafood and pizza lover, this Seafood Supremo pizza is the one for you (360 Php). Topped with generous amount of anchovies, garlic, onion, mozzarella and of course, shrimps you will surely enjoy each and single bite. I know I did! Next is one of my ultimate favorites! Their Shrimp Diavel Pasta (250 Php) it consists of Spicy Gambas with their homemade sauce flaked with Red Pepper of ultimate goodness. Lastly from the photo above is their Bacon Mushroom Melt ((P210- ala carte, P255- with fries) I know, my photo didn’t gave justice to Bae-con but I still get one shot right? There’s another photo below. Hahaha. So this burger is an All-beef patty, melted cheddar & mozzarella, bacon strips in a buttered bun. Need I say more?


Next is Pesto Linguini (155 Php) Not new in the menu but one of their best sellers. Upon tasting it, there’s no wonder why Davaeños keep coming back for more of this plate full of goodness! YUM. I’m actually getting hungry whilst I write this. Haha


Now, of your Girlfriend is careful what she its and is craving for pizza, I suggest you try their all new Grilled Cheese, Tomato & Basil Sandwich (P140- ala carte, P185- with fries) It is basically a  Pan-grilled mozzarella & cheddar melt with pomodoro & fresh basil in whole meat. A great food for merienda with their iced tea!


With all those food I shared, I know everyone is saving some space for dessert! Try their all-new Classic Golden Waffle (110 Php) with that Mango with syrup on the side and your tummy will thank you big time. I kid you not! *winks


As what i’ve said recently, here’s a decent photo of the Bacon Burger with the actual bacon. They serve a generous amount of bacon you guys! Not tinipid. So what are you waiting for Davaoeños? Head over to Corner Legaspi and Gen. Luna sts.Ducati Compound Davao City or check them out in Facebook (Primo) for queries.

They also serve other variety of meals and if you want to just chill, they have this mini bar with hefty beers and cocktails you can enjoy. Definitely a great way to dine in! Primo surely did satisfy my taste buds with their simple, stomach warming, “comfort food” a Dabawenyo always looks for when dining a restaurant. With a healthy fusion of several international cuisines marrying the Filipino palate, every dish is a surprise in your taste buds.

“As the Dabawenyo taste is becoming more sophisticated, we always do our best to deliver familiar tastes with whispers of exciting additions. We mix-and-match cuisines, extending our beverage menu, and rolled out new promos to give the new menu the cheer it needs,” shares Alex Tiaoqui, the restaurant’s General Manager. That said, head on to Primo for your next satisfying lunch, dinner or celebration. Be sure to try their dishes and find yourself craving for more.

Thank you Primo for the warm welcome and great food! Will definitely come back for more 🙂


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