5 Places to Visit in San Francisco

5 places to visit in san francisco california

San Francisco is one of the places who captured my heart in a snap! From iconic attractions, architecture and many more! If you know me personally, then you know how much I talk about how I love the said city. It’s one of the places I would settle down if I have the chance to. For me, San Fran is the best of both worlds – A city where you can party all night but can chill all day. Basically, its my kind of city! My second peg is New York but the big apple can be a bit overwhelming for me in some way. Besides, I need my one hour drive to the beach once in a while. I guess it’s safe to say San Fran is on top of my list right now. Staying there for a week, I had some time to roam around the city and of course, as a first time visitor in the city, I had to check out all the tourist-y places! Here are my 5 places to Visit when you’re in San Francisco.

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San Francisco: Napa Valley

Napa Valley California

Touchdown San Francisco! My trip to the US is one year near and I haven’t completely blogged about it – at least i’m halfway there. Lol! That’s something good you can look at. So, after my 3 day stay in Washington, we headed straight to San Francisco to visit relatives for a week. First on our agenda? Napa Valley. A trip in SoFo isn’t complete without drinking/tasting wine and cheese in the said place. There are tons of places you can pick where to dine and experience the wines from Napa but we chose V. Sattui Winery because it holds so much memories to my Mom from when she visited SoFo way back with my Dad. Isn’t that sweet? Now, Picture this, perfect view of vineyard, sunset, Moscato and cold cuts by your side. Ugh! Living the life!

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Art Travel

The Ruins

Davao Blogger

Broken things are beautiful too. Come to think of it, one of the visually pleasing things are ruins – they stand through time and still manage to look breathtaking. Last February, for work, I managed to capture several photos in The Ruins at Talisay Negros Occidental and admired the mansion for hours – including its glorious sunset. I mean, how can something so broken managed to look so beautiful? Then it hit me for a split second, just like the ruins, we must be partly damaged in order of us to stand strong.

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The Land of Dreamweavers

Davao Blogger:Land of the dreamweavers in South Cotabato

One of the things I have always loved about travelling is knowing how rich the culture of a certain place is. December of last year, the tourism of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato invited over Bloggers and Media to have a few days stay in the said place. The farthest I’ve been to South Cotabato is I think the time I trekked my heart out to Lake Holon. I’ve always been curious about the other side of South Cotabato; the side where there is culture, the side where there are stories to tell, the side where there are local T’bolis who preserved their ancestral homes and the side where the land of dreamweavers live. Continue Reading

Beauty Review

Flawless Rejuvelite Mask Facial Review

Flawless Rejuvelite Face Mask

I have a love and hate relationship with facial treatments 90% of the time! One reason is pricking, I know it’s inevitable and a must to prick your face and extract all those sebum, black & white heads sleeping in your face to prevent acne but you gotta do what you gotta do! #TiisGanda, as what the employee in Flawless said to me while I burst into tears when she pricked in my cheeks and nose area, which I am very sensitive. You have no idea how red I was after the procedure until Rejuvelite Mask Facial. Continue Reading