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Life Recently Vol. 3

Finally! I am enrolled for my second and hopefully last semester in Ateneo. Thanks to my friends for fixing my enrollment while i’m away. Hihi. I can already hear the graduation songs, and angels voice singing in my freakin’ ears. I’m not yet ready to be unemployed. School is my escape to reality, my safe haven – for me at least. And leaving the school makes me a grown up person… who is unfortunately unemployed. Why am I even overthinking these things. I’ll just savor the rest of my college days. *Sobs. Anyways, for the month of September & October i’ve been lurking in the streets eating and taking #ootd photos for my instagram because microblogging is easy nowadays, albeit I find this more amusing than one liner captions and instant photos. 

( captions from left to right)

  • 20th Birthday last September 08, 2014 in Polaroid.
  • Catching up with High School forever buddies in Polaroid.
  • I am in love with my new Smashbox makeup and Real Techniques  brushes.
  • Eleanor & Park is quite a love story if you ask me.
  • Street Fashion with my overused flannel and surprisingly I wore rubber shoes in school.
  • Sushi time with a friend is always a good idea.
  • New favorite restaurant in Davao!
  • Yep. It’s Saging Repablik, and i love it <3
  • Bæsic essentials – boyfriend jeans + white shirt + gold accents = perfection.

For more instant photos check out and follow my instagram account. Its @caramielrush! Have a great week ahead of you and use your holidays wisely before school/semester starts all over again. Imagine the horror? Hihi. I kid 🙂


Life Recently


August has been a whirlwind of fun filled memories. Not to mention almost 2 weeks of no class due to Davao Festival & School Activities. Hurray!! This month has been non-stop for me and my cliques – I distinctly  remember partying up all night and catching a boat on the second day for a team building. Mind you guys, I only had an hour of sleep – plus party hangover. And the activity of our clubs team building is all about ’The Amazing Race’. I seriously look like a freakin’ zombie in Talicud Island while doing the tasks. Haha, I personally thank the gods of sunglasses for saving me from embarrassment though. 

  • Happy 66th Ateneo College Fiesta!!! #OOTD
  • Going to Dayang Island where our Nature Watch Team Building took place.
  • I won’t mind waking up to a view like this everyday.
  • Cerulean Waters of Talicud Island.
  • Chilling with my Sunnies by Charlie.
  • ASMS Team Building Group photo! Yep, another team building.
  • Ripped & Polished.
  • Once in a while I take Mirror Celfies. Don’t you find my case rather cute? *meow

That was just an ounce of memory during my whole Cray cray August. How was your month of August? Comment down below 🙂


Life Recently Vol. 1

Summer just bid its adieu. I hear the bells ringing for once again it is back to school for students. I can’t explain how fantastic my summer was. This would probably be the best summer of my life. I had various vacations that i’ll never forget ( Boracay, Corregidor Island, Agusan del Sur & Surigao del Sur ) and let’s not forget the side trips I had with my friends – from food tripping almost everyday, japanese buffet dinner, chilling in a pool and the like which I will blog very soon. There’s just so much to blog about! I have too many hefty backlog stories to share with my blog. And outfit photos to post. *Whew* What a whirlwind of photos. I’ll have to manage school and blog now! Good thing my schedule permits me to update my blog & process photos. Haha. The photos above are just understatement of my Summer Vacation. So, watch out!

P.S. I’ll make the whole month of June Summer throwback in this blog that you wanna bring back summer. Brace yourselves ‘cause i’m posting hefty summer posts! 🙂

Instgram account: @caramielrush


Zenfestival 2015

ASUS once again connected to their loyal patrons through Zenfestival and now here in Davao City. Zenfestival is basically a quarterly event that ASUS made for Zenites or ASUS Zenfone community for a day that is full of trivias, games, foods and prizes worth winning. Zenfestival 2015 Davao was held in Rekado Restaurant – A new restaurant in the metro that offers filipino cuisine foods with a twist. ASUS invited a few bloggers to experience the Zen Fun (Pun intended please laugh) while knowing more about their phones and a brief history of their company.

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Event Food

Primo Café and Grill Experience

There are hundreds of home grown restaurants i’m dying to dine in Davao and luckily I get to try Primo! I’ve been eyeing this hidden gem when I pass by the corners of Legaspi & Gen. Luna street during my internship days *reminiscing* and said to myself, “I should try that cool place some time” But, school and obligations won’t permit! Thankfully, Primo invited bloggers from different niche to have first dibs on their added food in their menu! How lucky can we all get?

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