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    Life Recently

      August has been a whirlwind of fun filled memories. Not to mention almost 2 weeks of no class due to Davao Festival & School Activities. Hurray!! This month has been…

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    Life Recently Vol. 1

    Summer just bid its adieu. I hear the bells ringing for once again it is back to school for students. I can’t explain how fantastic my summer was. This would probably…

  • Event

    Zenfestival 2015

    ASUS once again connected to their loyal patrons through Zenfestival and now here in Davao City. Zenfestival is basically a quarterly event that ASUS made for Zenites or ASUS Zenfone community…

  • Event Food

    Primo Café and Grill Experience

    There are hundreds of home grown restaurants i’m dying to dine in Davao and luckily I get to try Primo! I’ve been eyeing this hidden gem when I pass by the…

  • Personal

    Start of Something New

      It still feels surreal at this very moment that I graduated yesterday with a bachelor’s degree. I can  distinctly remember my early college years in Ateneo – A naive Miel…