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It still feels surreal at this very moment that I graduated yesterday with a bachelor’s degree. I can  distinctly remember my early college years in Ateneo – A naive Miel who makes tons of mistakes, a Miel who is such a sore loser when it comes to socializing hence my blog, a gullible who have a mindset of a kid that goes with the flow and constantly joins bandwagons in order to fit into the society. Oh, how time flies very fast. College made me realise a lot of things and in college, I think i’ve learned a LOT. I learned that you have to ace prelims and midterms in order to be carefree during finals, I learned to be good to professors – be friends with them ,I learned that sharing answers is not that bad *not that I encourage you to share answers, based on my experience. Don’t follow me readers. Lol. , I learned people will hurt and take advantage of you, I learned there will be new set of people that will shake up your world in so many ways – from changing your lifestyle and perspective in life. , I learned to speak up – just recently though and most importantly I learned and realized there are people who will make you feel special – Friends. Now that i’m veering away from the four corners of Ateneo I need to face reality and find my bliss to my chosen path may it be working, blogging, travelling and everything in between. I wouldn’t have finished college without the big guy up there, my supportive family and crazy cronies! I wish myself luck for my future endeavors and whatnots. To God be the Glory! Happy Graduation to all my fellow graduates.

Ateneo de Davao University Batch 2015. ADMG

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