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Choosing a restaurant to dine in will always give us that invisible question marks above our head all the time. Sure, there are hundreds of restos here in Davao to choose from but it can be really overwhelming sometimes that I would run out of choices – especially on special occassions. Last month, me and my blogger friends were invited to a rather different kind of event setting – In a humble house situated in Ladislawa Village. I was expecting the event would be a just a food tasting thing, not knowing that the said house is the actual resto. I mean, how refreshing is that for a restaurant? You get to experience intimate bonding over food with your family, friends or better half in an actual house. Definitely a unique dining experience! But first, the quality of the food. P.S. Don’t judge me, i’m not a food blogger i’m just a food lover. How #Punny 😉


  • Mixed Greens with Truffle Vinaigrette & Smoked Salmon – Honestly, if this is the salad in our table everyday I would probably be a vegetarian. The salmon, dressing and greens just complimented each other well perfectly. Totally hits the spot in every vegan person out there.
  • Seared Scallops in Beurre Blanc– This is the plain jain among the bunch since its just scallops itself. But the sauce is something you should look forward to.
  • Potato crusted Scallops with Wasabi mayo and Ebiko– Now, this one is the updated version of the latter food. Scallops and Potato? Count me in. This Potato Crusted scallops definitely stole my tummys heart in a bite.


  • Spicy Gambas- If you like shrimps, pasta and spicy food. This dish is for you! With a hefty amount of gambas on top this dish has got to be my all time favorite. But just a gentle reminder, the heat of this pasta kicks in every bite, but no worry, in a good way of course.
  • Seared Salmon– I love Salmons! And this one topped my expectations. Not too dry, not too saggy. Just the right amount of texture. When it comes to taste, I like how it has that creamy consistency on the inside and how it’s natural juice are bursting every slice.
  • Seared Chicken in White Wine – Honestly, this is my least favorite among the bunch. Maybe because i’ve been eating chicken all the time, all the chicken tastes the same. Nonetheless, it was something good for a chicken dish.


I am not a sweeth tooth but judging from my friends facial reactions it was priceless seeing them eating the two desserts they serve us. Okay, I tasted a little bit of both just because I got curious. P.S. Chef’s aren’t included in the desserts! Haha. Just have to point that out since they are in the desserts corner of this post. 😂

  • Strawberry in Chantilly Cream w/ Truffle Chocolate Shavings – Fancy shmancy name that totally equates the fod itself. For strawberry lovers, this one won’t disappoint!
  • Apple Crumble- This is surprisingly my favorite! I like how the apple tasted – not too sweet, not too blunt. Just the right amount of taste paired with vanilla Ice cream on top. I like my dessert simple. And this one caught my heartummy in a heart bite. And I like it doesn’t have that umay factor. 😉

That was definitely a unique dining experience for me and my blogger friends since its something new in the metro. A big thank you to Chef Mykie & Topher for inviting us over in your humble home to try out different dishes that surely took our stomach’s breath away! Now, for the rates, the rates start at 1000 Php (depending on your choice of course meal and wine, may it be your choice or chefs choice) per head, minimum of 4 persons and a maximum of 8. Their food is actually good for sharing, so don’t worry if you think it’ll be less than what you paid for ’cause in reality, you will get so much that what you paid for. You cant contact them below or browse through their other dishes that might give you eye-gasm.


For bookings, inquiries visit their Facebook page:


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    Looking at these photos at 1:57AM made me realize I haven’t had dinner yet and now I’m hungry!!! 🙁

    xx, Janine | Wandering Ella

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