Life Recently Vol. 6

Hello there! Here are some of the round-about or should I say square-about (please laugh at my poor joke) of what’s been occurring in my life out of the interwebs. If i’m free from graduate school or just in the house watching endless tv series. I either dine with friends, travel unfamiliar places or attend to the metro’s events. That’s how I kinda live my life, at least for now.

  • Bean Leaf finally opened it’s doors to Davaoeños just recently and I got first dibs on their A+ drinks! I now have a place to run to when I crave for those fresh and healthy drinks.
  • Another resto in town opened! And it has quirky interior! You guessed it right – Keepsakes is now open and I love their pasta <3
  • I’m a self proclaimed ‘don’t have sweet bones/tooth’ in any part of my body but this one’s an exception. You just gotta love red velvet with tons of cream cheese. case closed!
  • Braved the heat of the south just to take instagram worthy photos. I mean, can you not with a field full of fine-apples (hihi) with an amazing backdrop whilst goofing off with my favorite people!
  • Silhouette-ing at the edge of the cliff while talking about how life can navigate us towards a completely different direction. My friends tend to be emotional and a bit sentimental every time the big yellow ball drops. And I love it 🙂
  • Posting old photos on instagram (@caramielrush) from my recent trips ‘cause I just basically miss travelling.
  • Browhaus dolled up my lashes with  express lash in bloom extensions and it was amazing! Though the lashes fall out easily – maybe because of stubborn me or weak glue?

That’s about it, a square about (please laugh) of my life recently. Even though sometimes I fall short from my inspirations towards blogging I remind myself why I started ‘Caramielrush’ in the first place. I just hope my creative juice won’t dry up. Inspirations where are you when I needed you the most? See you on my next blog post 🙂

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