Life Recently Vol. 7

For the past couple of weeks life has been all about ‘highs’ and ‘lows’. There are times I feel ecstatic and inspired for the whole week and then for the second week I get depressed for zero exact reason and just binge watch movies or eat to relieve my so called “depression”. To be fair, life is throwing stuffs at me. Is it a blessing in disguise?

This was the highlight of my life recently: I’m quite not sure, but during the end of September, an unfortunate event occurred. And it’s one of those heart pumping moments – I lost my freaking phone. Before going home, me and my friend stopped over at a local fast food chain to use the bathroom. Since I have a few bags with me, I placed them on top of the sink together with my phone. Well, my stupidity took place without me noticing that I left my phone in the sink all by itself. When I reached the fast foods counter to catch up with my friend I was trying to locate my phone to check the time since it was pretty much late. And to my horror, my phone was nowhere to be found. I used a small bag with just one compartment so it would be really impossible not to find the phone. After that, you know the drill – heart pumping, head going cray cray, can’t think where you might have lost your phone and shit. Basically my mind in that moment went all bizarre that my friend was the one who tried calling my phone, checked the resto’s CCTV Camera (which is not a help since the camera can’t reach the bathroom area. How nice?), called the recent Taxi we were in ( Manong driver even got worried, as a result he offered us a free ride home.), went all the way to the south just to help me locate it using find my iphone and everything at 2AM in the morning. It was a horror roller coaster experience for me. And yes, I felt really bad for losing it.

A phone like that bought with hard earned money is no joke. It’s as if money grow on trees, then that won’t be any problem. In that state, I just accepted the fact that its gone and just save money for a new phone. Fast forward to 2 days after I lost my phone. After class I immediately headed home. It was a basic day for me and as I was about to go to sleep I opened my Facebook to check on something. To my shock, the usual message count on my notification got a bit way high this time. At first I thought my friends is having a chat party and when I opened it… Lo Behold Messages from unknown Facebook friends and Friends telling me somebody found my phone. In that moment I felt like angels singing behind me! I don’t know how to react with that kind of situation. I mean, an iPhone 6 on top of a sink? It’s like the saying “Ginto na naging Bato pa.”. All I’m saying is that some people nowadays would rather use the phone for their own than to return it to the owner right? This made me think that the world isn’t a cruel one after all and there are really angels disguised as human beings. Also, losing that phone taught me every peso counts!

After that incident, a great weight has been lifted on my back! That was the highlight of my life recently. Well, aside from that whirlwind experience, I get to reunite with friends after 5 months over food and drinks, joining events, 2 am craving for korean food with great interior house, first time partying at Club Echelon with co-bloggers and just doing crazy stuffs. That’s about it, a round about of my life recently! I hope you have a great week ahead 🙂

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