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August has been a whirlwind of fun filled memories. Not to mention almost 2 weeks of no class due to Davao Festival & School Activities. Hurray!! This month has been non-stop for me and my cliques – I distinctly  remember partying up all night and catching a boat on the second day for a team building. Mind you guys, I only had an hour of sleep – plus party hangover. And the activity of our clubs team building is all about ’The Amazing Race’. I seriously look like a freakin’ zombie in Talicud Island while doing the tasks. Haha, I personally thank the gods of sunglasses for saving me from embarrassment though. 

  • Happy 66th Ateneo College Fiesta!!! #OOTD
  • Going to Dayang Island where our Nature Watch Team Building took place.
  • I won’t mind waking up to a view like this everyday.
  • Cerulean Waters of Talicud Island.
  • Chilling with my Sunnies by Charlie.
  • ASMS Team Building Group photo! Yep, another team building.
  • Ripped & Polished.
  • Once in a while I take Mirror Celfies. Don’t you find my case rather cute? *meow

That was just an ounce of memory during my whole Cray cray August. How was your month of August? Comment down below 🙂

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