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Summer just bid its adieu. I hear the bells ringing for once again it is back to school for students. I can’t explain how fantastic my summer was. This would probably be the best summer of my life. I had various vacations that i’ll never forget ( Boracay, Corregidor Island, Agusan del Sur & Surigao del Sur ) and let’s not forget the side trips I had with my friends – from food tripping almost everyday, japanese buffet dinner, chilling in a pool and the like which I will blog very soon. There’s just so much to blog about! I have too many hefty backlog stories to share with my blog. And outfit photos to post. *Whew* What a whirlwind of photos. I’ll have to manage school and blog now! Good thing my schedule permits me to update my blog & process photos. Haha. The photos above are just understatement of my Summer Vacation. So, watch out!

P.S. I’ll make the whole month of June Summer throwback in this blog that you wanna bring back summer. Brace yourselves ‘cause i’m posting hefty summer posts! 🙂

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