Life Recently Vol. 3

Finally! I am enrolled for my second and hopefully last semester in Ateneo. Thanks to my friends for fixing my enrollment while i’m away. Hihi. I can already hear the graduation songs, and angels voice singing in my freakin’ ears. I’m not yet ready to be unemployed. School is my escape to reality, my safe haven – for me at least. And leaving the school makes me a grown up person… who is unfortunately unemployed. Why am I even overthinking these things. I’ll just savor the rest of my college days. *Sobs. Anyways, for the month of September & October i’ve been lurking in the streets eating and taking #ootd photos for my instagram because microblogging is easy nowadays, albeit I find this more amusing than one liner captions and instant photos. 

( captions from left to right)

  • 20th Birthday last September 08, 2014 in Polaroid.
  • Catching up with High School forever buddies in Polaroid.
  • I am in love with my new Smashbox makeup and Real Techniques  brushes.
  • Eleanor & Park is quite a love story if you ask me.
  • Street Fashion with my overused flannel and surprisingly I wore rubber shoes in school.
  • Sushi time with a friend is always a good idea.
  • New favorite restaurant in Davao!
  • Yep. It’s Saging Repablik, and i love it <3
  • Bæsic essentials – boyfriend jeans + white shirt + gold accents = perfection.

For more instant photos check out and follow my instagram account. Its @caramielrush! Have a great week ahead of you and use your holidays wisely before school/semester starts all over again. Imagine the horror? Hihi. I kid 🙂

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