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Exploring Tagaytay

Hello there! Albeit it’s the first month of June and Summer has already ended. I will still take you on my vacation wanderlust over the past week. First day of exploring Tagaytay and I am beyond excited and nervous! Exhilarated to see what’s in store for us in the said City and quite nervous if we get lost and might end up in a ‘wrong turn’ get it? Haha – after all, we skipped using a private car and tried their public transportations + with the help of good ‘ol google map. Now, thats quite exciting if you ask me. On our first day though, we’ve been able to dine in at Bag of Beans, stroll around Serin Mall and enjoy the view and rides at Skyranch Tagaytay. That’s an A+ for starters right?


Splendor view from our Hotel room balcony. Waking up to this everyday is all I ever want in life.

The View Deck


I’m warning you ahead of time, this might be a lengthy post hence I will be sharing an in depth experience of the whereabouts in this fine city. First things first in MY agenda – take outfit shots. It’s unlikely of me not to take advantage of a great view of the taal with the equally picture perfect backdrop right? Gotta take the chance. For that day, I decided to wear something fun and comfortable at the same time. Albeit it was summer, surprisingly a good 20º of temperature greeted us that day, imagine the giddy kid inside of me when I woke up around 9 in the morning and stepped outside the balcony? It was breathtaking. Anywho, I paired my ‘super cool’ pullover with a tight skirt I got from a local store and just popped in some comfortable cream soles. Now that’s very well put together for a tourist in an unknown city.

The View DeckThe View DeckThe View DeckThe View DeckThe View Deck

Right after taking multiple outfit shots, we headed outside the hotel and began to look at each other with a weird face. We all know we didn’t know what to ride or go to at first. We just brainstormed places we want to go and out of the excitement we all forgot to list down the address’ of the places we are dying to visit! That is tip #1 if you are exploring the city. Always, save in the address of the place you want to go. Another thing is, Tagaytay doesn’t have TAXIS. You read that right, their only means of public transportation there is a Jeep and Tricycle. Nevertheless, we never regret ditching a private car ‘cause we had so much fun riding wrong jeeps, having blank stares from random people every time we talk (Davao tagalog is different you guys, sorry not sorry) and all other crazy things a tourista experiences. Our first stop was initially Breakfast at Antonios but eventually ended up in Bag of Beans. Don’t fret, on the second day we visited Antonios, so watch out for that. As I was saying, riding a Jeep from the hotel, it took about 5 minutes before our second ride (we had to take two rides since Bag of beans is in a different route) and we took a tricycle going to Bag of Beans.


Address: General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City 

Food & Place Rate: ★★★☆☆

We were able to locate Bag of Beans without managing to go on a “wrong way” Haha I need to end that movie joke though. When I entered the said place I was quite impressed with the all wood interior of the place – a very log cabin house feel if you would ask me. The back part of the food place made me more impressed. It’s the kind of vibe I wanted to have in a restaurant. A home-y feel to be exact. Hanging lights, Vintage like steel chairs and tables, trees, flowers and a rustic feel of the whole environment. Now a place with great interiors must’ve equally good food right? I was feeling like a viking that time so I ordered a whooping cheeseburger platter with heaps of fries and salad veggies on the side. My say about their food? Every inch of that mouth watering cheeseburger was worth the calorie. I wish I have more space in my belly to stuff more food though. Albeit, they are quite pricy for a burger, I would assure you every peso is worth spending in Bag of Beans.

Bag of beansBag of beansBag of BeansBag of beansBag of beansBag of beans

After satisfying my tummy with great food. We decided to check out Serin Mall – Newest Ayala Mall in Tagaytay. The mall has a few stores open though since it was new. Nothing much to say here other than you must choose wisely in selecting a milk tea flavor, I tried a blueberry cheesecake and I was like a kid drinking an icky medicine. After strolling endlessly in the new Mall, we decided to head back to the hotel via Jeep to take a nap in preparation for the next Activity – Skyranch Tagaytay.


Address: Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City along Taal Vista Hotel

Opens at 10:00 am – 8:00PM

Sky Ranch is the most convenient amongst all that we visited. It’s literally a minute walk from our hotel (Taal Vista Hotel). Skyranch is not different from other theme parks although they have the tallest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines at 207 ft. with 32 gondolas! Wow, they sure did beat the MOA eye at 180 ft. but with 36 gondolas and Enchanted Kingdoms Wheel of fate with only 130 ft. How awesome is that? Despite my fear of heights, I managed to ride that big thing. Good thing the Taal Volcano and sunset is perfect at that moment.

Skyranch is a great way to escape your problems and just feel kid again – I know I did. I had so much fun riding various rides from ferris wheel to the good ol carousel and you bet right, I felt like a kid again. Another convenient thing is, if you get hungry or wanting some booze you can find yourself stalls of food or restaurants around the corner. After the endless rides we took, we decided to dine again in Leslies and devour ourselves with their famous Bulalo and called it the day. What a great way to end the day! Oh, here are their rates by the way:

There is general admission ticket of P50 and pay-per-ride attractions.
Sky Eye – P150
Super Viking – P100
Nessi Coaster – P50
Mini Viking – P50
Wonder Flight – P50
Red Baron – P50
Express Train – P50
Horse Back Riding – P250/30 minutes

Skyranch TagaytaySkyranch Tagaytay

Our first day in Tagaytay was surely a fun one. From locating places and getting lost, it is surely one for the books!  Day 2 of Tagaytay Escapade will be up soon. Watch out for that 🙂

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