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Miel Goes to Korea

Miel Goes To Korea

It’s been a while since my last travel vlog right? If you’ve been following me since tumblr days, you know that i’m a sucker when it comes to video related stuff. Albeit, my backlogs from USA, Hong Kong and Korea are still on hold, unedited and still inside my memory cards at this moment. Let me speed things up by sharing with you my travel diary when I was in Korea last January during Winter. Mind you that it was my first time to experience Winter so the vlogging and wearing layers of clothes was quite challenging. Enough with the chit-chats! I hope you watch my Korea Vlog below and please do subscribe, give it a big fat thumbs up and comment whatever floats your boat! Thank you for watching! 🙂

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VLOG: Wild water tubing experience

Wild Water Tubing in Davao by Caramielrush of Miel laquindanum

After weeks of stressing out on certain things I immediately said Yes to my friends invite last week and never really thought of what I am getting into. She just asked me if I was free and the rest was history. I never knew this activity existed, heck, I never knew there was one in Davao that started years ago. Maybe I should explore more of what my city has to offer! Continue Reading


Travel Vlog: Ho Chi Minh City

Although I was really busy with roaming around Saigon I may have recorded a few clips along the way and saved a few snapchat videos while i’m at it. I struggled a bit with Vlogging this time around and I don’t know why. I’ve been doing this for quite some time. Oh, maybe because the last time I actually vlogged was last December 2014. I need my rusty vlogging skills get cleaned up for future travels. Anyways, enjoy my 3 minute Vlog all the way from sunny Ho Chi Minh City! Keep traveling and inspired guys 🙂


Summer Paradise


I’ve been fond of documenting videos ever since my Manila trip with my friends that I decided to document religiously every time I go somewhere new where it involves long road trips and whatnots. Just like what I said before, for me, photos aren’t enough! Videos can really make you nostalgic of a good minute or so. So lo behold, our Agusan & Surigao del Sur adventure all rendered to 3 minutes. Hope you enjoy & please watch in 720P or 1080 HD. Have a great sunday! <3