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  • Miel Goes To Korea
    Travel Vlog

    Miel Goes to Korea

    It’s been a while since my last travel vlog right? If you’ve been following me since tumblr days, you know that i’m a sucker when it comes to video related stuff.…

  • Wild Water Tubing in Davao by Caramielrush of Miel laquindanum

    VLOG: Wild water tubing experience

    After weeks of stressing out on certain things I immediately said Yes to my friends invite last week and never really thought of what I am getting into. She just asked…

  • Vlog

    Travel Vlog: Ho Chi Minh City

    Although I was really busy with roaming around Saigon I may have recorded a few clips along the way and saved a few snapchat videos while i’m at it. I struggled…

  • Vlog

    Summer Paradise

      I’ve been fond of documenting videos ever since my Manila trip with my friends that I decided to document religiously every time I go somewhere new where it involves long…