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Winter in South Korea

Miel Goes To Korea

The semester has just ended and as I’m about to edit my  Korea photos for  a blog post I discovered almost half of my photos are corrupted. Yes! Corrupted. I tried recovering it using a program but still no progress. Albeit I have no photos to share, here’s my Vlog to compensate for the blog posts. Continue Reading


VLOG: Wild water tubing experience

Wild Water Tubing in Davao by Caramielrush of Miel laquindanum

After weeks of stressing out on certain things I immediately said Yes to my friends invite last week and never really thought of what I am getting into. She just asked me if I was free and the rest was history. I never knew this activity existed, heck, I never knew there was one in Davao that started years ago. Maybe I should explore more of what my city has to offer! Continue Reading


Travel Vlog: Ho Chi Minh City

Although I was really busy with roaming around Saigon I may have recorded a few clips along the way and saved a few snapchat videos while i’m at it. I struggled a bit with Vlogging this time around and I don’t know why. I’ve been doing this for quite some time. Oh, maybe because the last time I actually vlogged was last December 2014. I need my rusty vlogging skills get cleaned up for future travels. Anyways, enjoy my 3 minute Vlog all the way from sunny Ho Chi Minh City! Keep traveling and inspired guys 🙂


Summer Paradise


I’ve been fond of documenting videos ever since my Manila trip with my friends that I decided to document religiously every time I go somewhere new where it involves long road trips and whatnots. Just like what I said before, for me, photos aren’t enough! Videos can really make you nostalgic of a good minute or so. So lo behold, our Agusan & Surigao del Sur adventure all rendered to 3 minutes. Hope you enjoy & please watch in 720P or 1080 HD. Have a great sunday! <3