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It still feels surreal at this very moment that I graduated yesterday with a bachelor’s degree. I can  distinctly remember my early college years in Ateneo – A naive Miel who makes tons of mistakes, a Miel who is such a sore loser when it comes to socializing hence my blog, a gullible who have a mindset of a kid that goes with the flow and constantly joins bandwagons in order to fit into the society. Oh, how time flies very fast. College made me realise a lot of things and in college, I think i’ve learned a LOT. I learned that you have to ace prelims and midterms in order to be carefree during finals, I learned to be good to professors – be friends with them ,I learned that sharing answers is not that bad *not that I encourage you to share answers, based on my experience. Don’t follow me readers. Lol. , I learned people will hurt and take advantage of you, I learned there will be new set of people that will shake up your world in so many ways – from changing your lifestyle and perspective in life. , I learned to speak up – just recently though and most importantly I learned and realized there are people who will make you feel special – Friends. Now that i’m veering away from the four corners of Ateneo I need to face reality and find my bliss to my chosen path may it be working, blogging, travelling and everything in between. I wouldn’t have finished college without the big guy up there, my supportive family and crazy cronies! I wish myself luck for my future endeavors and whatnots. To God be the Glory! Happy Graduation to all my fellow graduates.

Ateneo de Davao University Batch 2015. ADMG

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Life Recently Vol. 4


It’s been a while since I sat down for a while and write a blog post – even if its just a “life in a recent”. Right now, i’m supposed to write a reaction paper that is due this afternoon. A reaction paper that I should’ve finished writing over the weekend but the ever so good Miel decided to go to places. Recently, i’ve been going to quaint places with friends, just enjoying what life has to offer and exchange euphoric laughter. I guess i’m living the life. Don’t get me wrong, blogging is my safe haven and my alter ego, a space where I can jot down thoughts, post passion and interests. Maybe this time, the world is pulling me towards reality. Showing me the other side of the world. Showing me what I’m missing. Blogging is my first love and my companion during those days where i’ve been slightly alone. Now that i’ve been going out recently and savouring moments I think I should really insert some time to maybe take a photo and share it here. After all, that’s what I do before – share my experiences in life in this blog. So, what have i’ve been up to lately?

  • Missing Britannia Islands white sand and big crashing waves.
  • Ramen is always the best during rainy days. CASED CLOSED!
  • Converse & Ripped Jeans. Pretty much not armored for unexpected road trips.
  • Having R&R moment beside the beach.
  • Indigenous finds in form of sea shells.
  • Feeling the sand dune.
  • I’ve been into cheese recently. But i’m not Cheesy!
  • The champagne gold color of this phone though.
  • Finding my old iPhone 5 cases. I’ve been hoarding hefty cases! Yes you guys. I’m a hoarder.

Albeit those are only tad bit of what i’ve been doing recently I must say those have been the highlights these past few days. I missed this. Writing in my blog and squeezing my brain. I wish i’m this inspired and productive as often. But first, I gotta go. I have a term paper due this afternoon! See you till next post. P.S. Can’t wait to post my Surigao Road trip. Coming soon! xx