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Life Recently Vol. 5

Hey there! It’s been awhile since I posted one of these in my blog. If you’ve been following me on my social media accounts you might keep on track what’s been happening in my life. Without further ado…

  • Summer has never been this exhilarating when you’re with family & friends
  • Spontaneous trips are always the best, even if you don’t have enough cash, surely you can work things out
  • Watching Sunrise in a hill top after a long hour drive is the best feeling ever
  • You know i’m a water baby and you can’t keep me out of the water, so from time to time I dip myself in rivers and beaches. Yes, i’m that clingy to water
  • Being seat mates with a couple over a long drive isn’t that bad after all. Except when you catch them stealing kisses. lol awkward moments
  • Receiving unexpected flowers from a certain person makes me feel special
  • Having a separation anxiety from my Luzon getaway and having a hard time photo processing the gazillion photos I took
  • Missed getting lost at unknown places and having only Google Map as your source of whereabouts
  • Realizing I need to stop holding on and falling in love with long gone memories of the past. 
  • Chanced upon a live painting going on a few weeks back and I wondered how it felt looking at them in the streets
  • Pretty houses makes me wanna design and have my own place… perhaps not now.
  • Thankful for all the blessings that I have been receiving. The big guy up there surely knows how to work things out in each individual
  • Receiving a random call from a sapiosexual person. It frightens me though that I might blurt out somethings stupid. All is well though
  • Catching up with High School friends over Movie & Starbucks whilst laughing too hard from petty things. How I miss those moments
  • Decisions in life is tougher than you think. Think wisely

That’s all the roundabouts of what has been happening in my life recently, i’m currently in the process of drafting photos from my trips. Watch out for that in the coming days! Ciao 🙂

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A Higher Place in Bukidnon


 Since we finished  our morning itinerary quite early the squad decided to go higher by paying a visit to Overview in Bukidnon. From Alice Log House we travelled a good one hour just to see the picturesque and majestic view of landscape and boy we were in awe with the whole place. Totally enjoyed nature’s great architecture. Take a look at the hefty photos below.

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Alice Log House in BUDA

Whilst everybody is enjoying the cerulean sea and crisp white sand I will take you to a higher place where juxtapose of  mountains & clouds are present and experience BuDa through photos. The past month my friend spontaneously arranged a two day,one night trip for us to enjoy right after our graduation. So, being the wanderlust person that I am of course there were no second thoughts and just hurriedly packed my things. We stayed in a really cozy house called Alice Log house where we enjoyed and got all giddy by the place when we first witnessed  it. Continue Reading