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Brunch at Sea Green Cafe + Boutique Room

Sea Green Cafe + Boutique Rooms Davao

I knew it will be a good start of the year when my blogger friends spontaneously planned brunch. On our way home from the cinema house, whilst talking endlessly, yet again with blogger stuff and realizations in life; Sai blurted out to meet again the next day for brunch. Without any hesitations, Rox and I said yes! Two consecutive days of seeing each other? Nothing new. It just feels good to be with people you can relate to in so many ways. Continue Reading

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My Top 5: Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials from NCCC Department Store - Biyahero 001 #LakbayNiJuan #Biyahero001xNCCC

I’ve traveled to a bunch of places around the globe the past year and I guess it’s safe to say that it made me an “expert” on what to bring during trips. At least that’s what I think! But throughout the years, I finally realized that I only need a few travel essentials to survive my trip. Continue Reading

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One Afternoon at Spark Coffee + Crafts

Spark Coffee + Crafts Davao Coffee Shop

On days when I feel like I’ve been stuck in the house for a while, I try my best to go out, catch  up with my friends, see the outside world and work on my backlogs in a coffee shop. Sometimes, being in a place with a few friends and some random people surprisingly makes me productive. I don’t know, it’s just me.  Here in Davao, a lot of coffee shop establishments are slowly rising and with a number of shops around the city, it’s a bit hard to find a place where there’s less people.

Continue Reading

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Brunch at Yolks Flower Café & Cupcakery

Yolks Flower Cafe and Cupcakery Davao City

On typical Saturdays, my day begins very fast since my 7AM class can be a bit demanding and tiring (not that I hate school though. lol). As a result, I skip the most important meal of the day – Breakfast! Good thing last Saturday, me and my Davao Bloggers Society friends have been invited to try out the newly opened cafe in Circumferencial Road – Yolks Flower Café & Cupcakery. And my tummy was more than delighted to be in their food tasting event! Continue Reading


A Fresh Start

I feel giddy at this moment whilst writing this! In a course of 3 months I have been on hiatus in this little online diary of mine. Basically, I miss everything about blogging. For starters, I have been quite busy with school requirements and a few events here and there. Also, for a shallow reason, my blog domain on my Tumblr account got expired! As a result of my laziness, I never even bothered to renew it. But things like that has it’s own way of steering me to a new path, right? As of now, Caramielrush has moved from my first blogging platform – Tumblr  to! It’s been a rocky uphill journey on making this new home possible. I may have asked blogger friends  and web experts for some info’s (You know who you are! Thank you guys so much!) for extra help since i’m kind of getting a hang with WordPress and to my surprise, navigating it isn’t rocket science. It definitely gave me that free hand of multiple tasks that I need on blogging unlike Tumblr.  At first, I was hesitant on moving to another blogging platform since my attachment to things can be quite extreme! But I have zero regrets on moving. Change is always good. Hoping this new sanctuary  will be as comfortable and homey as it was before. Welcome to Caramielrush’s new home! 😉