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  • Fashion

    A Breath of Fresh Air

      First official summer vacation this 2015! Albeit, i’ve been visiting unknown places with friends the past weeks this one is really special – because I get to travel with Family.…

  • Fashion

    The Mountain Life

      How can one not take advantage of a beautiful backdrop in a Log House? Not me! Despite the busy schedule, I had the time to take outfit shots in this…

  • Fashion

    The Dream Chaser

        “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”  …

  • Fashion Travel

    Summer in December

      Happy Holidays everybody! How’s your christmas? Busy stuffing yourself with food i’m guessing. Well I know I did. But before I tell you my christmas shenanigans, i’ll leave you first…

  • Fashion

    On Casual Days

      Finally back in track after a semi-hiatus. You’ve prolly wondered where I have been. No, I am not busy, in fact i’ve been a couch potato since one of my…