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Miel Laquindanum

  • Travel

    My Davao Oriental Experience

    I’m a person who loves summer season and I’m not saying that because I grew up in a tropical country,  I just love the Philippines extra warm sun. Usually, whenever summer…

  • Fashion

    Monday’s Made Better

    I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays. I love it because it’s the start of a new week and a new beginning. On the other hand, I hate it because for…

  • Sponsored Tech

    Keeping my Phone Safe with AVG

    Just like any other millenial, I love taking photos and videos with my smart phone. I take hundreds of photos to upload here in my blog and on my other social…

  • 5 places to visit in san francisco california

    5 Places to Visit in San Francisco

    San Francisco is one of the places who captured my heart in a snap! From iconic attractions, architecture and many more! If you know me personally, then you know how much…