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Behind the Lens: Romantic Vintage

Lara Mia Lookbook Valentine's Day for Davao Bloggers

Once in a while, I enjoy being behind the camera. Fun fact! When I was in college, I joined a photography club that schedules fun shoots every after exam week. If you’ve read my blog for a while, you would know that most of the photos I take are ‘Landscape’. Being an introvert and taking portrait photos of people scares me a little for some reason. Maybe I should take more portrait photos of people right? Continue Reading

Food Lifestyle

Brunch at Sea Green Cafe + Boutique Room

Sea Green Cafe + Boutique Rooms Davao

I knew it will be a good start of the year when my blogger friends spontaneously planned brunch. On our way home from the cinema house, whilst talking endlessly, yet again with blogger stuff and realizations in life; Sai blurted out to meet again the next day for brunch. Without any hesitations, Rox and I said yes! Two consecutive days of seeing each other? Nothing new. It just feels good to be with people you can relate to in so many ways. Continue Reading

Travel Vlog

Winter in South Korea

Miel Goes To Korea

The semester has just ended and as I’m about to edit my  Korea photos for  a blog post I discovered almost half of my photos are corrupted. Yes! Corrupted. I tried recovering it using a program but still no progress. Albeit I have no photos to share, here’s my Vlog to compensate for the blog posts. Continue Reading

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My Top 5: Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials from NCCC Department Store - Biyahero 001 #LakbayNiJuan #Biyahero001xNCCC

I’ve traveled to a bunch of places around the globe the past year and I guess it’s safe to say that it made me an “expert” on what to bring during trips. At least that’s what I think! But throughout the years, I finally realized that I only need a few travel essentials to survive my trip. Continue Reading


A Day in Macau

Macau China Travel Diary of Caramielrush by Miel Laquindanum

A trip in Hong Kong wouldn’t be complete if you don’t take a side trip in Macau. During our  Hong Kong trip, me and my friends decided to insert Macau in our Itinerary and give the Las Vegas of Asia a shot! Macau is known as the Casino Island in south coast of China where a number of tourists have fun and gamble all day long. Albeit the said city is known for wasting money, we sure did survive with a few Hong Kong dollars in our pockets and a pocket full of memories. Continue Reading