Around Boston in a Jiffy

There is nothing I expect in Boston other than it houses the best universities in the world! I like how simple and English town like the city is. It actually feels like Mystic falls from The Vampire Diaries if you ask me!

If you’ve joined group tours before, then you know what I am talking about from my title above. Though tours can be convenient for some people, I on the other hand find it a pressure since you can’t take it all in and experience the place ’cause if you do, the bus will leave you in a jiffy. Nonetheless, It was a great experience to be the only two Filipinos inside a huge bus with Chinese people. Lol


Everything in Boston is Charming!


First stop, Harvard! We were lucky enough to witness their graduation that day. Yay!


This library was in honor for the death of Harry Elkins Widene. The story on why they built this was actually fascinating. Harry was one of the people who drowned in the Titanic incident that happened years ago. Due to grief, Harrys mother donated a hefty two million dollars to Harvard (where he graduated) to build this massive library with a few conditions; first is, that there will be a one specific room just for Harrys Mother to stay in and second, that every student in the university should learn how to swim. Harry died becuase he didn’t know how to swim.

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In all fairness, every person in our tour bus wore the cutest outfits! <3

dsc01081 dsc01083

Ahhh! Imagine being in this school! Studying with a scenic view. Harvard, you are a dream!


Such a beautiful school! I can’t even. <3


Meet John Harvard! Notice how gold his shoes are? Imagine thousands of tourists flocking all over the university taking photos whilst touching his shoes. Any idea why?

dsc01103 dsc01105

Mommy was so happy! Harvard is her dream school.


Hey there little fellah!

Typical Boston Street! Hahaha Spotted a quaint coffee shop and… Haha

If I wasn’t part of a group tour i’d be going down and see this place for myself.

Last stop, MIT! Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a one modern University. We didn’t get to see everything since we were delayed because of traffic, as a result, one walk around the school just to see it and take photos. Boo hoo!

You don’t see people do this everyday right?

Look at how expensive parking in America! That is why people prefer walking and riding subway trains.

And then we called it the day and had chinese for dinner. See you on my next blog post! 🙂

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