Here’s a late Valentines day appreciation post for everyone. Since it’s the ‘Love Month’ I wanted to incorporate an ensemble that screams love without wearing the ever cliché colour red and pink. Clearly, from the photos above – my top shouted numerous ‘love’ all over the place, mind you, in italian language. Haha.

So here’s another edgy, laid-back and grungy outfit for you love suckers out there. You don’t have to be all classy and prepped up when you go out with your lover all the time. Sometimes you just want to take a break from the dresses and sky high heels and just be comfortable with what you are wearing. In my case, I paired my awesome top with a denim vest to make the look more interesting. Imagine the look without the vest, the whole thing would look plain and dull. Another is, my all time favorite black jeans. Haha. I think I overused it. But who cares? It’s comfy in so many ways. I think if you need an L.B.D. (Little black dress) in your wardrobe you also need a ‘F.B.J.’ (Fit black jeans). Oh yeah! I made a new acronym you guys! Haha. To add silhouette in the look, I paired it with my new loafers! Don’t you just love it? Though on the first time I used it, the heels of my foot had blisters. Ugh, darn it. I forgot to wear foot socks due to enjoyment of wearing it. Haha. To top it all off, I added a bowler hat to the look to make it more bold and attractive.

So there you go, an ensemble I would wear on Valentines day even if I have no Lover! I can surely celebrate Valentines without one (#bitter. Haha) and still can totally scream ‘Love’ with a rebel with all the single people out there. Have in mind that valentines day isn’t just the day to show your affection to one another, you should make them feel loved every single day of their entire existence. So, for the single people out there! Don’t fret, you have God, Family, Friends & PIZZA in your life. It’s enough you guys, it’s enough. Haha. Happy Valentines day! What do you think about this look? Comment down below.

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