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I have been living in the province all my life – and loving it. The calm urban city of Davao has always been a safe haven, for me atleast. With that, it reflected on how my look goes through the day. Personally, I can’t put my finger on it on what category I fall when it comes to “fashion”. I guess it’s safe to say that I am Always Laidback. As much as I want to be all too glammed up, I think that’s just NOT ME. A piece of advice: “Don’t try to fit yourself in with a certain style you’re not comfortable with.” Trust me, it’ll relfect on the photos! But if you can fake it, then atta girl! All I’m trying to say is, fashion is suppose to make you look and feel good. Don’t put to much pressure! As long as you have a stand out piece in your ensemble, I think you’re good to go. 😉

Davao Fashion BloggerDavao Fashion BloggerDavao Fashion Blogger

Top: Gap | Skirt: Forever 21 | Sneakers: Adidas 

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    November 2, 2016 at 9:36 AM

    I agree! Sometimes I want to look girly and wear these clothes that fashion bloggers wear, because hey those outfits are cute! But nah, they don’t suit me. And I’m not comfortable! Haha

    The important thing is, you’re comfortable and you like what you’re wearing 🙂

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