All wrapped in Flora


Spring is still definitely around the corner! So, when in doubt, grab an eye catching material in your closet. As for me, this floral jacket saved my day. I was feeling a bit groggy that day which is the main reason why I have no time to rummage my cave-like closet. I personally love the material they used in this jacket – very lightweight. Plus, don’t get me started with the print on it. Also it brings out the ‘Varsity/Sporty’ feel side of me (which I clearly don’t have btw).

The only thing though that bothers me is not wearing sports shoes. Some of my friends think that it’d be best if I paired it with running shoes. I think they pictured me out as an athlete in the field. Haha. But no thanks, I prefer being that teeny bopper kid in the hallway wearing my converse . Haha. Seriously Miel? Enough already. Anywho, I hope you like this ensemble nonetheless despite my chipmunk like cheeks. In my defense, I ate chicken burger after we took this. Lol. What do you think of this look? Comment down below! 🙂





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