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Life Recently Vol. 8

Caramielrush by Miel Laquindanum

Somebody pinch me in a very hard way please! I have been slacking off in my “Life Recently” posts that the last time I posted was 2015. What? And it’s freaking 2017. I have no excuses other than laziness and busy schedules. The last time I blogged something was late last year and over a month of not blogging/writing something for Caramielrush, I felt something was missing. I can still distinctly remember I publish one blog post per week way back in high school and college.

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Life Recently Vol. 7

For the past couple of weeks life has been all about ‘highs’ and ‘lows’. There are times I feel ecstatic and inspired for the whole week and then for the second week I get depressed for zero exact reason and just binge watch movies or eat to relieve my so called “depression”. To be fair, life is throwing stuffs at me. Is it a blessing in disguise?

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Life Recently Vol. 6

Hello there! Here are some of the round-about or should I say square-about (please laugh at my poor joke) of what’s been occurring in my life out of the interwebs. If i’m free from graduate school or just in the house watching endless tv series. I either dine with friends, travel unfamiliar places or attend to the metro’s events. That’s how I kinda live my life, at least for now.

  • Bean Leaf finally opened it’s doors to Davaoeños just recently and I got first dibs on their A+ drinks! I now have a place to run to when I crave for those fresh and healthy drinks.
  • Another resto in town opened! And it has quirky interior! You guessed it right – Keepsakes is now open and I love their pasta <3
  • I’m a self proclaimed ‘don’t have sweet bones/tooth’ in any part of my body but this one’s an exception. You just gotta love red velvet with tons of cream cheese. case closed!
  • Braved the heat of the south just to take instagram worthy photos. I mean, can you not with a field full of fine-apples (hihi) with an amazing backdrop whilst goofing off with my favorite people!
  • Silhouette-ing at the edge of the cliff while talking about how life can navigate us towards a completely different direction. My friends tend to be emotional and a bit sentimental every time the big yellow ball drops. And I love it 🙂
  • Posting old photos on instagram (@caramielrush) from my recent trips ‘cause I just basically miss travelling.
  • Browhaus dolled up my lashes with  express lash in bloom extensions and it was amazing! Though the lashes fall out easily – maybe because of stubborn me or weak glue?

That’s about it, a square about (please laugh) of my life recently. Even though sometimes I fall short from my inspirations towards blogging I remind myself why I started ‘Caramielrush’ in the first place. I just hope my creative juice won’t dry up. Inspirations where are you when I needed you the most? See you on my next blog post 🙂


Life Recently Vol. 5

Hey there! It’s been awhile since I posted one of these in my blog. If you’ve been following me on my social media accounts you might keep on track what’s been happening in my life. Without further ado…

  • Summer has never been this exhilarating when you’re with family & friends
  • Spontaneous trips are always the best, even if you don’t have enough cash, surely you can work things out
  • Watching Sunrise in a hill top after a long hour drive is the best feeling ever
  • You know i’m a water baby and you can’t keep me out of the water, so from time to time I dip myself in rivers and beaches. Yes, i’m that clingy to water
  • Being seat mates with a couple over a long drive isn’t that bad after all. Except when you catch them stealing kisses. lol awkward moments
  • Receiving unexpected flowers from a certain person makes me feel special
  • Having a separation anxiety from my Luzon getaway and having a hard time photo processing the gazillion photos I took
  • Missed getting lost at unknown places and having only Google Map as your source of whereabouts
  • Realizing I need to stop holding on and falling in love with long gone memories of the past. 
  • Chanced upon a live painting going on a few weeks back and I wondered how it felt looking at them in the streets
  • Pretty houses makes me wanna design and have my own place… perhaps not now.
  • Thankful for all the blessings that I have been receiving. The big guy up there surely knows how to work things out in each individual
  • Receiving a random call from a sapiosexual person. It frightens me though that I might blurt out somethings stupid. All is well though
  • Catching up with High School friends over Movie & Starbucks whilst laughing too hard from petty things. How I miss those moments
  • Decisions in life is tougher than you think. Think wisely

That’s all the roundabouts of what has been happening in my life recently, i’m currently in the process of drafting photos from my trips. Watch out for that in the coming days! Ciao 🙂

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Life Recently Vol. 4


It’s been a while since I sat down for a while and write a blog post – even if its just a “life in a recent”. Right now, i’m supposed to write a reaction paper that is due this afternoon. A reaction paper that I should’ve finished writing over the weekend but the ever so good Miel decided to go to places. Recently, i’ve been going to quaint places with friends, just enjoying what life has to offer and exchange euphoric laughter. I guess i’m living the life. Don’t get me wrong, blogging is my safe haven and my alter ego, a space where I can jot down thoughts, post passion and interests. Maybe this time, the world is pulling me towards reality. Showing me the other side of the world. Showing me what I’m missing. Blogging is my first love and my companion during those days where i’ve been slightly alone. Now that i’ve been going out recently and savouring moments I think I should really insert some time to maybe take a photo and share it here. After all, that’s what I do before – share my experiences in life in this blog. So, what have i’ve been up to lately?

  • Missing Britannia Islands white sand and big crashing waves.
  • Ramen is always the best during rainy days. CASED CLOSED!
  • Converse & Ripped Jeans. Pretty much not armored for unexpected road trips.
  • Having R&R moment beside the beach.
  • Indigenous finds in form of sea shells.
  • Feeling the sand dune.
  • I’ve been into cheese recently. But i’m not Cheesy!
  • The champagne gold color of this phone though.
  • Finding my old iPhone 5 cases. I’ve been hoarding hefty cases! Yes you guys. I’m a hoarder.

Albeit those are only tad bit of what i’ve been doing recently I must say those have been the highlights these past few days. I missed this. Writing in my blog and squeezing my brain. I wish i’m this inspired and productive as often. But first, I gotta go. I have a term paper due this afternoon! See you till next post. P.S. Can’t wait to post my Surigao Road trip. Coming soon! xx