5 Places to Visit in San Francisco

5 places to visit in san francisco california

San Francisco is one of the places who captured my heart in a snap! From iconic attractions, architecture and many more! If you know me personally, then you know how much I talk about how I love the said city. It’s one of the places I would settle down if I have the chance to. For me, San Fran is the best of both worlds – A city where you can party all night but can chill all day. Basically, its my kind of city! My second peg is New York but the big apple can be a bit overwhelming for me in some way. Besides, I need my one hour drive to the beach once in a while. I guess it’s safe to say San Fran is on top of my list right now. Staying there for a week, I had some time to roam around the city and of course, as a first time visitor in the city, I had to check out all the tourist-y places! Here are my 5 places to Visit when you’re in San Francisco.


Lunch with a View? The Cliff House is the answer. Imagine dining with a view of the ocean? One of the most relaxing views in the world. I suggest you call for a reservation since the place always gets jam-packed with locals and tourists. Better add this to your itinerary to experience great food and amazing view. And P.S. You can go all the way down to the shore to take photos. I tried going down but my Mom and Relatives didn’t approved. Maybe when I get back with my rebel sister soon.

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Don’t feel like driving the extra mile? Stay in the city and go to Marina District and roam around The Palace of Fine Arts. This is probably one of the most iconic places a tourist should stop by and take photos. The said places has been featured in numerous movies and I bet you know that Filipino movie I am talking about. *squeels* Anyways, go around the Greco-Roman style Rotunda and Colonnades then watch swans drift across the peaceful lagoon. Be careful though, some animals there chase after people. Lol



After visiting Marina District, head on to the most crooked street in San Francisco (and the world) then walk down with cars beside you and try to get that perfect photo/video. Lombard Street is famous for a steep, one-block section with eight hairpin turns. Quite a quirky and instagrammable street if you ask me!


From Lombard street, let me take you to a higher place! Cue in A higher place by Adam Levine. Lol 

Twin Peaks, also known as “Eureka” & “Noe” respectively. My Aunt just told me that. I don’t know the whole story of the said place. But as what I researched, It was a lookout ground of the people way back. Since the city can be a bit overwhelming, why not take the long drive to Twin Peaks? Breathtaking view of the San fancisco Skyline and Fresh Air is always a good combo. Try to be early though since fog, cold winds, tourists and possibly no parking may happen. Good thing we arrived before a group of tour bus came with tons of tourists. By the way, you can’t purchase snacks in the said place but they have clean comfort rooms. 😉


You can’t simply leave San Francisco without taking gajillion photos with the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge is actually the entrance to San Francisco Bay from Pacific Ocean. It’s basically accepted to be called “Golden Gate” because the engineer who made the bridge reminded him of a harbour in Istanbul named Chrysoceras or Golden Horn. And NO, the bridge isn’t gold, its pure brass. Its just a name.

P.S. Always check the weather forecast since San Francisco’s clouds tend to visit the golden gate bridge very often. 


5.1 San Francisco

When we visited the Golden Gate Bridge, the weather was gloomy – Typical San Francisco.  We were kinda sad but the next day, my Aunt brought us to the other side of the bridge. Imagine my excitement when I was really close to the bridge! Though clouds loomed in that area, I didn’t care since I get to trek a bit going to the bridge. If you want to see the bridge on a different perspective, I suggest you take the long way drive and visit this side of San Francisco. So worth it!

P.S. The wind in this area is really stubborn in the morning. I don’t know but I really think its just windy and cloudy in San Francisco. Lol

There you go! My top 5 places a first timer in San Francisco should visit. There’s so much more to see in the city but during our seven day trip, we alloted it on going to Los Angeles. And going there took about 6 hours. The next time I visit San Francisco, i’ll surely stay there for a month or so just to explopre the city. I guess its safe to say its the city who captured my heart in a snap. Truly, “I left my heart in San Francisco” <3

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    How I wish na read ko ito before I went to SF! 🙈 ✨ Galing!

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    How I wish I’ve been to Cliff House when I was there. I’m regretful now that I’ve seen how pretty it is

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