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Flawless Rejuvelite Mask Facial Review

Flawless Rejuvelite Face Mask

I have a love and hate relationship with facial treatments 90% of the time! One reason is pricking, I know it’s inevitable and a must to prick your face and extract all those sebum, black & white heads sleeping in your face to prevent acne but you gotta do what you gotta do! #TiisGanda, as what the employee in Flawless said to me while I burst into tears when she pricked in my cheeks and nose area, which I am very sensitive. You have no idea how red I was after the procedure until Rejuvelite Mask Facial.

If you don’t know yet, I have an Acne prone skin and with that it is very sensitive after facials. When I get home after facials, I usually wait 8 hours till I wash my face and proceed to my night routine. Lately, when I feel like I abused my face with heavy activities, such as facial, I usually skip toner. I don’t know, I just noticed it just worked for me that way since I think toner can be a bit harsh for my skin that night and maybe, just maybe, it needs to breath. I am no dermatologist expert guys, I just do what works for me. So, after washing my face, I immediately slather my skin with collagen moisturizer and aloe vera mixture. Those are the things that make my face less red-er.

The last time I had my facial with Flawless, they recommended me this new type of technology they offer. It’s the Rejuvelite Mask Facial, the facial mask is basically a technologically advanced aesthetic treatment that caters light to all skin problems you have. The said mask is powered by an LED technology that helps activate collagen (Yay for collagen! Younger looking skin!) and boosts skin rejuvination. This treatment works by allowing the skin to absorb light energy to produce cellular fuel and increase activity of the body’s natural healing and regeneration processes. Rejuvelight Mask Facial offers 7 different colors of visible light and infrared light to produce various benefits to the skin, such as firming lines, soothing skin, repairing damages, clearing acne and blemishes, reducing redness and balancing complexion.

So, Instead of  the regular jelly mask they use for the past years in Flawless, they’ve come up with this technology that you can do right after your facial to enhance face glow, makes face firm and reduce the appearance of redness from pricking.

Flawless Rejuvelite Face MaskFlawless Rejuvelite Face Mask

Flawless Rejuvelite Face Mask Flawless Rejuvelite Face Mask

PROs and CONs:


  • Reduce face swelling/redness
  • Makes your skin tight and glowy
  • Brightens the face
  • Builds up and gives your face collagen
  • Rejuvinates Skin
  • Evens out skin tone


  • A bit expensive
  • You won’t feel the effect
  • Won’t help with acne blemishes


Flawless Rejuvelite Face Mask

After Facial and Rejuvelite Mask. My face is usually really red like a tomato after facials, but with the Rejuvelite Mask, it lessens the redness by 80%. Which is good, since I don’t have to wear masks right after facial treatmens. 

Flawless Rejuvelite Face Mask

Flawless Rejuvelite Face Mask Price

To know more about flawless and their services click links below: and

You can visit them at SM Lanang Premiere Lower Ground Floor. 🙂


Disclaimer: Sponsored post for Flawless. All words expressed in this post are mine unless stated. 😉

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