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“Maybe it’s not about the happy ending,
maybe it’s about the story.”

Starting from the bottom is hard, especially if you established some certain lifestyle you are comfortable doing, and or used to. It means you need to drop everything and begin again, by that you want a clean slate in your so called “new life”. Isn’t it ironic though? It’s just the start of the year and this shit happens? How peculiar. Anyways, moving on and never looking back can be tough but having your family and friends with you – trust me, it will be easy breezy. Well, maybe not that easy. You will always have that split second where you might break down and cry but that’s okay. Crying cleanses the eyes and releasing emotions is good for you, rather than keeping it all to yourself thinking you can do it. A volcanic emotion can’t hold on for that long you know. Make your family and friends your vulnerable sanctuary. Be with people who you know loves, cares and cherishes you. Starting from the bottom is not that hard if you think of it when you’re with them. And letting go of those memories might help too. Remember what John Green said in The fault in our stars? “Pain demands to be felt”, so take it all in and let it sink in your system until you’re numb and when you wake up one day saying “I have moved on and I am now the better version of me.” Remember, resetting your life might be rocky and painful but facing the world with your chin held up high everything will be worth it. There’s always a rainbow and sunshine after a storm. Trust me!  🙂

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