5 Things About Me


“Life isn’t about finding yourself,
Life is about creating you.”

I have noticed i’ve been blogging throughout the years and I haven’t joined this kind of blog post bandwagon about stating facts about yourself. Maybe because I still don’t know some of my traits (?) and I feel like what’s the purpose of sharing (?) Anyways, what the heck. Here are some things about me:

1. As weird as it may seem, I’m not a big fan of chocolates. Okay, i’ll give you a minute to rant about this. Done? Okay. So as crazy as it may really sound, I don’t eat chocolates that much. I don’t even long or crave for it. I mean, I can have one bite and i’m good for that for the whole month. Im not your chocolate kind of person. I’m just really NOT. #SorryNotSorry

2. In compensation of the “non-chocolate fan” I on the other hand loves peanut butter! May it be spread or my personal favorite – nutter butter. I am down for that, no wait, I could eat peanut butter every single day.

3. I get preoccupied with small things. I tend to overthink matters which are very small. This trait of mine is kind of bugging me though. It would take a bad 5 day of thinking before I get over a thing – which is kind of stupid if you ask me. But whatever, sometimes this over thinking is good in terms of school related activities. Win – win situation!

4. I’m not much of a “Talker”. When it comes to secret telling, I am not that open book kind of person. To the fact that I don’t tell anything, even to my closest friends (Sorry guys). I feel like if I splurge all my deepest and darkerst and juiciest secrets people think of me the wrong way. I know. This kind of perspective is hella wrong! On the lighter note though, I’ve been telling some of the pieces hidden in my chest. That’s a good way to start eh? So, unless a person is REALLY close to me, you’d really know me and why my actions like this sometimes… all the time I mean.

5. As I age I have come to realize I am an Optimistic person. Despite the fact I over think so much, in darkest hours I really tend to keep my composure and be a sunshine in somebody’s life. At least, thats what I think. Maybe because i’ve been so over High Schools teenage drama over petty things. I just hate Negative things! It will eat people alive. So, if you wanna be optimistic have things in discretion and think of the matter a million times before opening your angry mouth. YOU’RE WELCOME.

There you go! I’ve been thinking of making this part of my blog posts hence I’ll be keeping track of my personality and traits. May it be positive or negative, i’ll try to jot down here whatever floats my boat. Till next post! 🙂

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