The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Universal Studious Hollywood

The wizarding world of Harry Potter in Hollywood

Saving the best for last! Los Angeles a.k.a. City of Angels is the last leg of my America trip and what better way to end it? A tour in Universal Studious’ Hollywood specifically in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. *squeals* If you don’t know yet, I’m a huge potterhead! I distinctly remember when I was in 1st Grade, I chance upon the movie poster of the sorcerer’s stone in the news paper and I asked my Mom to watch it with me eagerly. And yes, I am hooked on the first movie! During that time, I had no idea the story came from a book until the third movie. Hey! I was still a kid not minding printed stuff. Lol! After the series ended; a part of me was bittersweet knowing all I’m ever gonna do is replay the series on Saturday nights. Fast forward to a few years, Universal Studious opened The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Again, I got really exhilarated and promised myself that one day I’ll go and visit the said place! When I visited America the thought that was running in mind was “Must Visit Universal Studious in Hollywood or Florida”! Can you imagine my excitement during that time? P.S. As I type this blog post, Harry Potter OST is playing as my background music to have that maximum feels. Continue Reading


Monday’s Made Better

I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays. I love it because it’s the start of a new week and a new beginning. On the other hand, I hate it because for the most part, it’s the beginning of a 5 day work in school. But since it’s Summer, I spend most of my Sunday nights watching documentary movies on Netflix or Korean Dramas till dawn with a pint of ice cream by my side. One of the things why Mondays are Made even Better is Coffee Bean’s #MondaysMadeBetter Promo! Every Monday, Coffee Bean offers different Ice Blended beverage for only 100 Php until the first week of June. Now that’s something I can look forward to every Monday to jumpstart my week and fuel my caffeine cravings. Have a great week ahead!

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Sponsored Tech

Keeping my Phone Safe with AVG

Just like any other millenial, I love taking photos and videos with my smart phone. I take hundreds of photos to upload here in my blog and on my other social media sites on a daily or weekly basis. Now, whenever my iPhone storage runs low, I immediately transfer the files to my Android phone. Android is relatively a phone I can depend on when storing such memorable files. I’ve had my fair share of losing files and devices being corrupted over the years. So, imagine now that I am travelling and taking photos from different parts of the world and a virus of some sort might attack my phone and delete my photos. That’s totally a blogger’s total nightmare. Some people might think it’s shallow, but the memories and value of those photos are priceless.

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5 Places to Visit in San Francisco

5 places to visit in san francisco california

San Francisco is one of the places who captured my heart in a snap! From iconic attractions, architecture and many more! If you know me personally, then you know how much I talk about how I love the said city. It’s one of the places I would settle down if I have the chance to. For me, San Fran is the best of both worlds – A city where you can party all night but can chill all day. Basically, its my kind of city! My second peg is New York but the big apple can be a bit overwhelming for me in some way. Besides, I need my one hour drive to the beach once in a while. I guess it’s safe to say San Fran is on top of my list right now. Staying there for a week, I had some time to roam around the city and of course, as a first time visitor in the city, I had to check out all the tourist-y places! Here are my 5 places to Visit when you’re in San Francisco.

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San Francisco: Napa Valley

Napa Valley California

Touchdown San Francisco! My trip to the US is one year near and I haven’t completely blogged about it – at least i’m halfway there. Lol! That’s something good you can look at. So, after my 3 day stay in Washington, we headed straight to San Francisco to visit relatives for a week. First on our agenda? Napa Valley. A trip in SoFo isn’t complete without drinking/tasting wine and cheese in the said place. There are tons of places you can pick where to dine and experience the wines from Napa but we chose V. Sattui Winery because it holds so much memories to my Mom from when she visited SoFo way back with my Dad. Isn’t that sweet? Now, Picture this, perfect view of vineyard, sunset, Moscato and cold cuts by your side. Ugh! Living the life!

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Travel Vlog

Miel Goes to Korea

Miel Goes To Korea

It’s been a while since my last travel vlog right? If you’ve been following me since tumblr days, you know that i’m a sucker when it comes to video related stuff. Albeit, my backlogs from USA, Hong Kong and Korea are still on hold, unedited and still inside my memory cards at this moment. Let me speed things up by sharing with you my travel diary when I was in Korea last January during Winter. Mind you that it was my first time to experience Winter so the vlogging and wearing layers of clothes was quite challenging. Enough with the chit-chats! I hope you watch my Korea Vlog below and please do subscribe, give it a big fat thumbs up and comment whatever floats your boat! Thank you for watching! 🙂

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